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Zhen Yan Zhan is one of the brands of Superb Diversified Sdn. Bhd. They have their own bird’s nest processing factories where they collect and process this valuable ingredient, manually removing feathers and other foreign matters before delivering to shops and restaurants around the nation.

Zhen Yan Zhan’s bird’s nest contain no harmful chemicals or additives, allowing their customers to take the bird’s nest without hassle while enjoying its rich water-soluble collagen and assimilating essential amino acids and other nutrients. Aside from supplying bird’s nest, Zhen Yan Zhan also provides free information for those interested in rearing swiftlets, with information services and discussion facilities concerning everything bird’s nest.

Types of Bird’s Nest

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Swiftlets normally use twigs, straws and earth to build their nests and there are no edible contents. There are only three major types of edible bird’s nests:

Collocalia ciphaga bird’s nest (Official bird’s nest)
Collocalia ciphaga bird’s nest means bird’s nests built with pure saliva of swiftlets, with minimum impurities, in strips, with high affinity for water, able to expand 7-8 times and is the best quality bird’s nest. They are usually white, yellow, red or grey in colour.

Collacalia Maximus bird’s nest
Collacalia Maximus is a type of cave swiftlet and they have less saliva. They build their nests using feathers mixed with saliva and they are lighter in colour, usually white or yellow.

Collacalia Maximus bird’s nest require more processing. The nests must be broken up and soaked in water before feathers and impurities are removed. They are then made into bird’s nest strips, bird’s nest balls and bird’s nest biscuits.

Hydrochous Gigas bird’s nest
Hydrochous Gigas bird’s nest may be divided into house Hydrochous Gigas bird’s nest and cave Hydrochous Gigas bird’s nest. They are mostly found along the coastal regions. From their name (in Chinese), we know that Hydrochous Gigas swiftlets use their saliva and straws to build their nests, and that is why these bird’s nests contain pieces of straws.

Hydrochous Gigas bird’s nests come from swiftlets with specially sticky saliva. These swiftlets love to use young straw and their saliva to build their nests. Their bird’s nests therefore are high in impurities and their edible bird’s nest content is the lowest among the three types of swiftlets and so is its price. They are usually sold as broken bird’s nest and bird’s nest strips.

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