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In the beginning, we were a highly successful copy writing agency who wrote beautiful things about our clients and their products. From coffee to curtains, from strange new age Japanese spas to all-female gyms, for 6 long years we helped our clients make a lot of sales.

Soon, our copy writing services morphed into a full-fledged advertising agency. Today, we not only write; we also draw, design and print. We also ATTRACT attention, SHOCK people, make people THINK, WONDER, CRY, LAUGH, FEEL SECURE. Sometimes, we also make people FEEL INSECURE, so our clients can sell things to them.

Youmo means ‘ink’ in Mandarin. We’d like to think we have magical capabilities to make something so unexceptional like a bit of ink, and turn it into a masterpiece like a coveted Chinese painting.

From day one with our first client, till today with possibly you, we have always thought of advertising as sweet labour. Think of it as a kind of fantasy gym – we do all the hard work on the treadmill, you get the heads turning twice when you walk pass.


Digital Marketing
By creating excellent content and leaving breadcrumbs, you start to lead people to your business. Give them something that is useful, and watch them line up for your products like ants to a honey pot. You’re getting the right customers who are eager to have what you want. Now THAT’S great digital marketing in Malaysia.

Our consumers have a unique purchasing behaviour, and unique knowledge is needed to understand them. Which is why amongst advertising companies in Malaysia, Youmo Studio stands out. We’re a home-grown online advertising company. As a great advertising agency who is an early innovator, we bring in the newest ideas and implement them locally. We create crystal-clear, uncomplicated, client-friendly, customer-centric, inspiring campaigns. All with one goal in mind: sell your products.

Some of the most memorable copywriting in Malaysia that you’ve seen were penned by us. From headlines to articles, from Facebook campaigns to advertisements, we treat copywriting like a work of art.

The secret sauce in making people care about your brand is to talk directly to their heart. It’s all about the brand promise – with your product, their lives will be better. And they want to enjoy experiencing your brand, just like how how they want to enjoy a movie even if they already know the ending. So seduce them, intrigue them and leave them breathless. Having a great brand makes people not only desperate to want your product; it makes them proud to be associated with you. And this makes them tell others. Cult brands follow the same path, and now, you too can do the same.

At Youmo Studio, our artists breathe and live colours and illustration. A top agency specializing in design in Malaysia, our designers come from a vast background – from animators to illustrators to artists. Whether it is a sparkling billboard or a minimalist brochure or a complex graffiti, we treat each assignment as if we are painting the next masterpiece.

Social Media Agency
Today, social media marketing has become the norm. No one bats an eyelid anymore. We’re overwhelmed with Likes, Tweets, Shares, Comments, chats and much more. With an abundance of social media flying around, how do you stand out? Talk to a social media agency in Malaysia who has done it all – we will help you stand out.

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