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Peanut oil is identified by the PRC government as a key product to increase the domestic supply of edible vegetable oil. In relation to this and in recognition of Henan XingHe’s capabilities to produce high quality peanut oil, the Henan Finance Bureau has in 2009 invested RMB15.0 million via a subscription of preference equity in Henan XingHe.

At the helm of Henan XingHe is Ms. Li Hui Jun and Mr. Ma GuoLiang, being the Chairman and Managing Director of the company, respectively. Collectively they have 35 years experience in the edible vegetable oil industry. Capitalising on their extensive industry experience and management capabilities, they have played a pivotal role in steering Henan XingHe to become a well-recognised name in the PRC’s edible vegetable oil industry.


Peanut Oil
Peanut oil is widely-known for its aromatic flavour and health benefits. It is particularly preferred and favoured for high-temperature cooking (such as deep frying) due to its high smoke point. Smoke point is the temperature to which oil can be heated before it smokes and discolours, indicating decomposition.

Blended Oil
Blended oil is usually catered for consumers who wish to incorporate different types of edible oil in their diet, due to the different properties of each type of oil and the ensuing health benefits from their consumption. It is common for edible oil producers to blend several different types of edible oil.

Repackaged Soybean Oil and Corn Oil
To further diversify its product portfolio, Henan XingHe introduced soybean oil and corn oil under its own labels in 2012. Soybean oil and corn oil are sourced externally which are subsequently bottled in the company’s production facility and marketed under the “XingHe” label.

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