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Founded in 2003 by young entrepreneurs with long established family background in the distribution of fresh and frozen products, WB Fresh Coconut has a strong foothold in the trading, distribution and export management of fresh young coconuts. Their close relationship with suppliers and strategic network of distribution channels is supported by their strong logistical management – allowing them to monitor the quality and freshness of every coconut, from the tree to your table.

In order to ensure that their coconuts are at their best, every stage of the production, packaging, transportation, warehousing and distribution are under careful temperature control. WB Fresh Coconut also provides display storage freezers on loan for customers that meet our minimum order targets. In addition to distribution to restaurants and dessert manufacturers, WB Fresh Coconut also does special orders for private parties and batch orders.

Fragrant Coconut

Polished, Semi Husk, Open Top
Conveniently shaped and easy to serve, best choice for busy restaurants serving as a fresh fruit drink that need minimum preparation and handling. Cover can be easily opened, almost like a can drink! Young tender flesh can be savored after drinking the cool, refreshing juice

Hawaii Coconut

Fully Polished
Best for the preparation of desserts and nourishing herbal soups. This is a clear favorite for Prestigious Chinese restaurants to cook and serve shark’s fin soup, bird’s nest and pudding in. These coconuts are older with thicker flesh and harder shell to withstand the hot and cold of cooking and chilling!

Diamond Coconut

Cut with white husk shaped for table serving
Easily stored with minimal refrigeration. This coconut can be cut open and served directly as a drink. It is also popular for preparing desserts to be served directly as a dish.

Jelly Coconut

Clear dessert made with coconut juice and agar-agar
Dessert made from coconut juice which has been solidified to become jelly, serve in the coconut itself. Naturally sweet and refreshing, enjoy the coconut without spill! Pieces of coconut flesh are embedded inside the coconut juice jelly for a light and refreshing low fat dessert. Free from artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives. Note that this item is made to order only.

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3 thoughts on “WB Fresh Coconut”

  1. We would like to enquire on the Diqmond Cut Coconut for our restaurant(s) at USJ, Subang Jaya.

    1. Do u deliver to SJ?
    2. What is the price?
    3. Minimum Order Quantity?


  2. Hi I interested in green fresh Coconut for my cafe and I need the polished type, can please provide the quotation, minimum order, delivery fee.
    My shop is at Kampar new town Perak Hp;:016 5995904
    Appreciate your immediate reply.

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