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Vigor Power is a non-alcoholic energy drink brand that’s manufactured by Jeenhuat Foodstuffs Industries Sdn. Bhd. Vigor Power Energy Drink contains lower percentage of caffeine but higher percentage of vitamins to provide consumers with a healthier alternative of functional beverage.

The brand has been exported to many countries includes Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Maldives, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Austria, Germany & UK.


Vigor Power Energy Drink Ice
Non-carbonated energy drink that provides you refreshment with an extra cooling effect.

Vigor Power Energy Drink Regular
Non-carbonated energy drink. The source of power for today’s demanding & vigorous lifestyle.

Vigor Power Energy Drink Sugar Free
Non-carbonated energy drink that contains no sugar. Best energy booster for health-conscious consumer.

Vigor Power Energy Drink Extra
A carbonated energy drink for those who demand intense and immediate tasting.

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