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First established near the end of 2006, The Cooking House is a culinary school that prides itself on a mutual love of food and all things cuisine-related. Strategically located in the heart of Bangsar, The Cooking House offers an exemplary range of corporate services for all your food-related business needs.

Their hands-on leisure classes that cover a grand selection of cuisine cultures while delivering culinary training in a fun and relaxed environment. They also provide culinary team building programs, chef demonstrations and recipes testing and development services with the aid of skilled in-house chefs.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, The Cooking House is easily accessible and convenient for all.


Culinary Team Building
There’s nothing like a competitive cookout to strengthen working ties among colleagues.

Cooking Classes
The Cooking House offers a wide range of classes that encompass various cultures of cuisines.

Cooking Parties
Great parties are those that end with everyone in the kitchen.

Private Dining and Catering
For all your private-dining and catering needs. The Cooking House offers a vast menu for you to select from.

Cooking Program For Domestic Helpers
With our specially-crafted cooking program, your domestic helper too can be a chef!

Chef Demonstrations
Need someone to showcase your products in the public? The Cooking House chefs are here to help.

Recipes Creation, Shoot and Design
Want to expand the applications of your products? The Cooking House can assist in a variety of ways.

Event Management
The Cooking House will help run your events to success. They can handle projects such as launch, media event, exhibition, etc.

Kitchen Rental
Cook up a storm in The Cooking House – their fully-equipped kitchens are always available for rent!

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