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S&P is Malaysia’s leading coconut cream powder manufacturer. Their centrally monitored production system allows them to deliver consistently high quality products. From the cleaning of raw materials to the spray drying process right through to the clean-in-place function, S&P’s fully automated plant ensures minimal human intervention in its production process, allowing them to attain a maximum production capacity of 4,500 metric tonnes per annum.

To ensure that their products are safe, S&P implements a series of strict and comprehensive quality assurance procedures throughout every stage of production. As a result, their coconut-based products are used by F&B professionals and home users alike due to the fact that they provide the authentic coconut taste.


Coconut Cream Powder
Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to grate and squeeze your own coconut milk for cooking anymore. S&P Instant Coconut Cream Powder is suitable for various kind of food preparations such as curries, desserts, cakes, and others. S&P Instant Coconut Cream Powder provides the same taste as freshly squeezed coconut milk and has no trans-fat and no cholesterol.

Low Fat Dessicated Coconut
Produced from freshly selected matured coconuts, S&P Low Fat Desiccated Coconut is the dehydrated white coconut meat with lower fat content. It is ideal for bakeries or confectioneries, where it is used as fillings and toppings for cakes, pastries, or fillings.

Toasted Coconut Paste
Also known as Kerisik, S&P’s Coconut Paste is sold under the Rasa Enak brand. This paste is traditionally used to make your cooking more flavorful and aromatic. It’s perfect for a wide range of dishes such as rendang, kerabu, sambal, and kurma.


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