Founded in 1991, Sincerely Vegetarian is a producer and distributor of premium vegetarian food products. Their founder, Mr. Tan Kee Peiw, is an advocate of pure eating and healthy living with close to half a century of experience in crafting vegetarian and vegan products. He believes that the culinary possibilities for a vegetarian or vegan are just as limitless as a meat-based diet.

Today, Sincerely Vegetarian offers unique, gourmet and diverse gluten vegetarian cuisine, combining the best of taste, nutrition, and technology. All Sincerely Vegetarian products are certified Halal by Islamic Food Research Centre (IFRC), one of Asia’s leading Halal certification bodies and a member of the World Halal Council (WHC). Furthermore, they adhere to stringent guidelines to ensure that each and every product is free of additives or preservatives, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind while consuming their yummy vegetarian dishes.


Your most-loved staple is now available meat-free. Prepared carefully to rival the original, discover how tender, moist and flavorful these vegetarian chicken products can be. Whether you want to steam, roast, bake, or grill your meal, these plant-derived chicken products will taste and feel just like the real thing. Enjoy the taste of chicken without worrying about cholesterol, GMO, or antibiotics.

Available vegetarian chicken products include Vegetarian Chicken Slices, Vegetarian Fried Chicken, Vegetarian Pickle Chicken, Vegetarian Tasty Chicken.

Sincerely Vegetarian’s mock duck products are made from plant-derived ingredients suitable for vegetarians or vegans. The great texture and flavor of these products will assure you that going meat-free is far from a sacrifice to your taste buds, lifestyle or budget. Sincerely Vegetarian’s mock duck products contain zero cholesterol and are free from preservatives.

Available vegetarian duck products include Vegetarian Pickle Duck, Vegetarian Roasted Duck, and Tio-Chew Salted Duck.

Another 100% vegetarian product range, Sincerely Vegetarian offers a number of succulent and hearty vegetarian pork products suitable for a wide range of cuisines. These products taste just as good as actual pork while being better for your health and the environement.

Available vegetarian pork products include Vegetarian Crispy Meat, Vegetarian Curry Meat, Vegetarian Fried Meat, Vegetarian Hong Kong Style BBQ, and Vegetarian Roasted Ribs.

Made with non-GMO soy beans, every bite of Sincerely Vegetarian’s fishless fillets are high in protein and low in calories. They taste great steamed, grilled, or fried in batter, making it easy to add them to your favorite recipes for a satisfying and guilt-free meal. Best of all: no bones!

Available vegetarian fish products include Vegetarian Black Bamboo (Vege Fish), Vegetarian Bamboo 200g (Vege Fish), and Vegetarian Crispy Chips (Vege Anchovies).

Craving a health and wholesome snack? Sincerely Vegetarian offers you a variety of soft and fluffy Chinese-style paus stuffed with generous amounts of plant-based fillings. Suitable for vegans, these pre-cooked buns make for a tasty and satisfying snack for anyone on the go. The next time hunger strikes, don’t settle for cheap or greasy fast food – reach for these ultimate bite sized meatless wonders instead.

Available bun products include Vegetarian Char Siow Bun, Vegetarian Chicken Bun, and Vegetarian Curry Bun.

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