Sin Chip Long is a company that specializes in the sale of wholesale seafood. They offer both fresh and frozen seafood at wholesale prices, bringing good quality prawns, shrimps, and other seafood straight to your doorstep. Sin Chip Long’s delivery trucks are well-equipped with modern refrigerating systems, meaning that all of your shipped seafood arrives completely crisp and natural.

Sin Chip Long’s quality control team ensures that every tin or package of seafood that passes through their doors meets the highest food preservation and hygiene standards. All of their seafood is carefully chosen and packaged to ensure that they retain the best taste and highest nutritional content. Whether you’re running a small cafeteria, a fine dining restaurant, or a humble food store, Sin Chip Long provides you with topnotch quality, customer service, and prices.


Sin Chip Long’s prawns are as fresh as the day it got out of the water. Whether you prefer your prawns fresh or frozen, they handpick every single one to make sure that it meets international quality and standard.

Sin Chip Long offers a wide range of prawns and prawn products to choose from, including Fresh Water Prawn (HOSO), Sea Prawn Meat (Block & IQF), Shrimp Shell, Tempura, Tiger Prawn (HOSO), Vannamei Prawn (HOSO – IQF), and White Prawn.

Sin Chip Long’s catalog offers fish of many types, sizes, and weights. Whether you prefer local fish like Siakap or high quality imported fish such as Salmon and Cod, they have it all and more. Sin Chip Long Seafood Trading Company also has an array of crayfish, squid, octopus and other exotic seafood which are usually not possible to acquire from the local fish markets.

Sin Chip Long is an experienced exporter and trader of a wide variety of dried and frozen Sea Cucumber. In addition, they also offer a wide range of other shellfish including Hotate, Green Mussels (Shelled and Meat), Scallop, and Oysters.

Dried Seafood
Sin Chip Long supplies various types of dried seafood, including Dried Anchivious, Abalone, Prawn, Squid, Fish Maw, etc.

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