Rentokil is the Expert in Pest Control, offering effective solutions for more than 100 years globally and over 50 years in Malaysia. Rentokil harnesses science and innovation to protect people from the dangers of pest-borne diseases. Besides providing protection against pests for residential and commercial buildings alike, Rentokil’s comprehensive pest management programmes are designed to help food and non-food businesses to protect their reputation and assets.

Providing Your Customers with an Unforgettable Dining Experience

Numerous food scares and pest issue in food & beverage (F&B) establishments have resulted in increasing public awareness of food quality and safety in every parts of the world along with Malaysia. The sight of pest in a restaurant not only spoils your customers’ dining experience but is also a sign of possible food contamination.

Integrated Pest Management for F&B Industry

More than ever before, food establishments must be prepared to meet the high standards in compliance with industry’s audit standards and statutory obligations expected by the public and enforced by the various regulatory bodies of the Malaysian Government.

With your customer’s health and your own reputation at stake, it is crucial to adhere to the health code without disrupting the service in your establishment. Rentokil has responded to this challenge by developing the 4N8D Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programme designed especially for F&B establishments to protect your business reputation by ensuring that your premesis’ are always pest-free.

Benefits of Rentokil

Audit support
Rentokil has an in-depth understanding with Malaysia’s legislative including internal and external audit requirements for the food related industry.

Online Reporting
Rentokil’s online reporting application, myRentokil, allows better traceability and easy access to all key information of the pest management situation in your premises .

Dedicated Key Accounts Manager
Supports multi-site customers to achieve consistent approach across all facilities with one point of contact.

Nationwide Support
With 12 branches throughout Malaysia, Rentokil ensures that all your pest control needs are in good hands giving you a complete peace of mind.

Why Wait?

Contact Rentokil today to rid your restaurant of any common pests such as rodents, birds, flies, cockroaches, and ants.

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