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The first importer and distributor of organic foods in Malaysia, Radiant Code has recieved their organic certification since 2000. Fully committed to deliver the best to their customers, Radiant Code makes sure that their organic products truly stay organic from the source to processing of the final products, right down to packing and repacking. They also act as the sole agent for international reputable organic brands such as Celtic Sea Salt, Pure Harvest, Lakewood, Clearspring, Only Organic, etc. within the Malaysian market.

Radiant Code supplies a comprehensive range of organic products to complement a healthy lifestyle. Their customers include supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and naturopathic clinics across both Malaysia and Singapore.

Select the oil that best suits your cooking needs. E/V olive oil is best used in light cooking and to drizzle on salad, while grape seed oil and sunflower oil is good for stir frying. Coconut oil is good for both standard cooking as well as deep frying.

Brown and white rice have similar amounts of calories and carbohydrates. The main difference is that white rice has had the hull removed, resulting in a different taste and reduced nutritional content. Choose brown or “enriched” rice which has added vitamins and minerals.

Salt is life. Radiant Code offers renowned Celtic sea salt, Brittany sea salt, and the mich sought after Portuguese sea salt, all of which have been certified by Nature et Progres as free from pesticides and contaminants such as hard metals.

BioGro Certified Organic is the one and only halal certified organic apple cider vinegar. Heirloom apples are organically grown in New Zealand orchards before being harvested and used to make the freshest apple cider vinegar. Aged the traditional way in oak barrels to bring out its goodness, this deep golden brown apple is well aged and unfiltered.

White sugar is widely considered a cause of bad health. Radiant Code allows you to select from a wide selection of healthier sweetener options – from raw honey, manuka honey, and brown sugar, to molasses and low glycemic index agave nectar and coconut palm sugar.

Wholesome Food, Wholesome Business

Radiant Code supplies a comprehensive range of organic products to complement a healthy lifestyle. Contact them today to discover a range of organic wholesale foods perfect for your business.

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