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The first importer and distributor of gluten-free foods in Malaysia, Radiant Whole Food has recieved their organic certification since 2000. Fully committed to deliver the best to their customers, Radiant Whole Food makes sure that their gluten-free products truly stay organic from the source to processing of the final products, right down to packing and repacking. They also act as the sole agent for international reputable brands such as Celtic Sea Salt, Pure Harvest, Lakewood, Clearspring, Only Organic, etc. within the Malaysian market.

Radiant Whole Food supplies a comprehensive range of gluten-free products to complement a healthy lifestyle. Their customers include supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, and naturopathic clinics across both Malaysia and Singapore.

Wheat Flour/Gluten-Free Flour
Radiant Whole Food flours are milled from only 100% certified GMO free organic cereal grains with no cross contamination from non-organic grains. The factory uses a mix of modern and traditional milling techniques to produce a wide range of organic flours, kibbles and meals. Their whole meal products are made on traditional mill stones which protect nutrients and enzymes of the flour and retain the goodness of the whole grain. Radiant Whole Food’s flours are stored in a controlled temperature warehouse at 10ºC for insect control and freshness.

Pasta (Wheat & Gluten-Free)
Radiant Whole Food has a large variety of pasta options for you to choose from. Whether you prefer wheat or wheat-free pasta, they’ve got you covered. Their gluten-free pasta comes in two brands: Bioitalia and Casalare.

Bioitalia is an organically certified whole wheat pasta made from the best Italian semolina wheat. It is processed without removing the bran and germ. Casalare, on the other hand, is an Autralian pasta brand. Their pasta is made from gluten free grains like tapioca starch, brown rice, potato and maize flour.

Wholesome Food, Wholesome Business

Radiant Code supplies a comprehensive range of gluten-free products to complement a healthy lifestyle. Contact them today to discover a range of gluten-free wholesale foods perfect for your business.

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