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PPB is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we have operations in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore with about 4,600 employees in the Malaysian operations.


Neptune Blended Cooking Oil is made from double fractionated super palm olein, blended with the finest and specially selected NATURAL groundnut and sesame oil. The fine aroma of the oil comes from the natural groundnut and sesame is different from those using ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING.

Neptune makes a healthy difference to your food. It is totally free of any ARTIFICIAL colouring, preservative & cholesterol, and rich in natural VITAMIN E.

Seri Murni
Known by local consumers as ‘Pemeringkatan 2 kali’, Seri Murni is the only DOUBLE FRACTIONATED SUPER OLEIN available for retailing as household cooking oil. On the promise of ‘Sungguh Suci, Sungguh Murni’, Seri Murni gives you the Purest and Natural oil without any additives. The oil is also rich in natural vitamin E and is cholesterol free.

Krystal Pure Sunflower oil is made from imported sunflower seed oil, which is double refined locally to ensure its freshness. Similar to corn oil, sunflower oil is also rich in Polyunsaturates, therefore good in lowering the total cholesterol of our body.

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