Lot 2022-2024, Jalan Semangat, Bintawa Industrial Park, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.


The name “Pawada” is an acronym that comes from a combination of their founder’s family names – “Patong” and “Wasli”.

Tuan Haji Wasli bin Ibrahim is a true blue Sarawak boy who started a small business selling sundries and supplies in Kuching in the 1980s. It was obvious even in those days that there was a demand for locally produced halal products from his customers. He noticed that most halal products had to be imported from outside of Sarawak. That realisation led to a dream – to produce premium quality halal food products for local and international consumption; and at the same time, contribute to the livelihoods of local farmers and villagers by engaging them as part of the chain of production and workforce.

Through much love, hard work, and commitment, Pawada grew from a humble cottage industry into the rising star it is today. They continue to evolved and grow, but their core foundation is based on developing the highest quality products and to keep their business anchored in their clients’ needs and reputation.


Sarawak Black Pepper Sauce
Made from the best grade of Sarawak black pepper, Pawada’s black pepper sauce can be used as a dip or as a cooking ingredient. It’s guaranteed to put an oomph to your dish. Comes in Normal and Hot & Spicy flavors.

Chilli Sauce
For that authentic, luscious taste of chilli, Pawada chilli sauce is made from specially selected quality chillies and are hygienically processed and packed. Splash some on your burger or fried chicken, you’ll taste the difference!

Tomato Sauce
Pawada tomato sauce is made with real tomatoes and created with love and a recipe especially for Asian palates. Try it… spread it on your fritters or sandwich, you’ll taste the difference.

Dark Soy Sauce
Pawada’s dark soy sauce is created from a secret family recipes. As one of Pawada’s mainstay products, it is free of msg and has had a rave reception both in the country and regionally.

Pawada makes their vinegar from the finest ingredients so that they complement dishes in the best possible way.

Sarawak Black Pepper
Made from finest black pepper in Sarawak, the state that produces one of the best peppers in the whole world. Comes in both Fine and Coarse varieties

Cordial Drinks
Pawada’s range of high quality cordials includes orange, sarsi, barley, rose, mango and cherry flavours. A little water and lots of ice cubes give instant satisfaction on a hot weather.

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