No.2, Level 10-12, Wisma Lay Hong, Jalan Empayar Off Persiaran Sultan Ibrahim / KU1, 41150 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.


Nutriplus’ core business involves the mass production of basic daily necessities. They are committed to providing Malaysians with top quality poultry related products such as table eggs, liquid eggs, and meat. Their caring ethics and stellar hygienic processing standards are the foundation of their good reputation.

Nutriplus is a leading supplier of processed chicken, chicken related products, and eggs.


Table Eggs

Eggs can be consumed in so many ways – hard boiled, scrambled, poached, omelettes…

However you choose to prepare them, Nutriplus can supply you with farm fresh eggs that are delivered to your neighborhood within 48 hours of being laid.  Nutriplus not only works to ensure that their eggs are prepared in the best hygienic conditions but also that every egg is kept in safe and durable packaging that is both lightweight and shatter-resistant.

Liquid Eggs

Highly Automated. Highly Innovative. 100% Pausterized.

Nutriplus Pausteurized Liquid Eggs are processed in a state-of-the-art facility that uses highly automated and innovative SANOVO equipment to ensure the highest hygiene standards possible. These 100% Halal liquid eggs are perfect for the catering, confectionery, and baking industries and come in three versions: Whole, Yolks, and Scrambled Pre-Mix.

Lacto Plus III

The Nutriplus air chilled chicken is a high quality poultry product inspired by European processes.

Unlike many Malaysian poultry suppliers, Lacto Plus chickens are chilled using refridgerated air rather than using standard water-chilling techniques. Water-chilled chickens gain between 8-12% extra body weight due to absorbing excess water content, watering out the natural chicken taste and making it take longer to cook. Nutriplus’ air chilling methods not only preserves the chicken’s natural taste and flavor but also reduces the risks of cross contamination.

An Award Winning Supplier of Eggs and Poultry

As the winner of the Brand Laureate Most Favorite Brand Award (2016, 2017) and Outstanding Meat Processor For Livestock Industry (2018), Nutriplus is the number one choice for anyone who requires eggs and poultry supplied to their business.

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  1. Hi, i m currently using chicken popcorn, can i know whether i cam get supplier at Butterworth, Penang area. Thanks.

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