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Today, 60 countries (and counting) are taking a big bite out of Munchy’s, Malaysia’s numero uno homegrown biscuits, wafers and wafer sticks. From their start in 1993 in a sleepy Malaysian town, Munchy’s has grown into a worldwide household name with a number of delicious brands under their control.

Munchy’s offers wide varieties of trendy, quality and nutritious biscuits, wafers and wafer stick.

Munchy’s Crackers
The ideal product for everyday snacking, Munchy’s Crackers are perfectly sized for a dip into a hot beveraged and packaged for snacking wherever and whenever you want. It comes in a variety of flavors including Cream Cracker, Wheat Cracker, Butter Cracker Sandwich, Chocolate Cracker Sandwich, Original, Vege, and Sugar.

Indulge with Lexus – the calcium vegetable cracker sandwich-packed with smooth and creamy indulgent fillings. The perfect blend of sweet and savory, these delicious crackers are packed into small and convenient packets for snacking at work or at home.

Oat Krunch
Why choose between Health and Taste? Oat Krunch lets you indulge guilt-free. in wholegrain and is trans-fat free with no preservatives. Made from the goodness of oats, tasty ingredients and packed in a convenient packet, Oat Krunch is a great snack wherever you go, whenever you want.

The best things in life are meant to be shared, just like a pack of delicious MUZIC wafer bites and rolls. These bite-sized treats offer effortless enjoyment, where you’ll discover rich and tasty goodness in every mouthful.

Just one bite of Munchy’s Choc-O chocolate chip cookies will capture your heart and taste buds. This delicious snack is available in Original, Double Chocolate, and Mixed Nuts flavors, allowing your customers to enjoy maximum indulgence with every bite.

Captain Munch
Put the yummy back into your tummy with Captain Munch’s biscuits! Packed with the yummy goodness of Nutrimunch (calcium and Vitamin B1 to B12), Captain Munch is the perfect fuel for young ones (including the young-at-heart). This super delicious treat will get you up and going with every bite.

7Days Croissant is the only pre-packed croissant in Malaysia and the no.1 croissant in the world. Made with dough and rich fillings, this will satisfy your hunger in the most delicious way. With a variety of delicious fillings, 7Days Croissant offers a hearty and super convenient tummy-filler.

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