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The formation of Malayan Sugar Manufacturing Company Berhad (MSM Co.) dates back to 1959. Its sole mission was to set up a sugar refinery in Malaysia. Then, Malaysia was still dependent on imported sugar refined in Britain and Hong Kong.

Three companies – one Malaysian and two Japanese – participated as joint venture partners to form Malayan Sugar Manufacturing Company Berhad. The Malaysian partner was Kuok Brothers Sdn. Bhd. while the two Japanese partners comprised of Mitsui & Co. and Nissin Sugar Manufacturing Company. A triangle logo, was chosen to represent the tripartite partnership of the three companies that formed MSM.

The Company’s total production today stands at more than half a million metric tons per year and our product range spans from white refined sugar of various grain sizes to soft brown sugar. They are hygienically produced and packed in different packing weights that include 5g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg, and up to 19 metric tons bulk road tanker.

Today the quality products are supplied to major companies in the beverage and confectionery industries, hotels, restaurants, food outlets and household consumers. Over the years our products have established a good reputation and become widely accepted because of its high quality.


White Sugar
Here’s a sugar product that you won’t miss! Available almost everywhere and at every corner shop in Malaysia. The texture and quality of this sugar delivers an excellent taste, making it the ideal sugar to be used for general sweetening and cookbook recipes.

Brown Sugar
Its natural golden brown colour gives a soft natural caramel aroma and colour. With a subtle buttery notes, it complements gourmet preparations and many other mouth-watering desserts.

Icing Sugar
No cake would be complete without it! Used extensively in sweet bakery, sugar and chocolate confectionary, it provides a smooth, soft finish texture. It’s also great for cream fillings, shortbread, fondants, marshmallow and adding decorative touches.

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