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With nearly 40 years of experience, Midor is Malaysia’s best commercial interior design consultant and best renovation contractor. Midor was founded in 1972 by Mr Woo Kun Yeow whose vast experience in commercial interior design and build, commercial renovation, construction and steel fabrications is firmly imprinted in Midor’s successful “design and build” business approach.

Midor is adept at working with diverse commercial interior design and build projects as well as accommodating various budgets. From large government tendered projects, turnkey projects, specialty jobs, refurbishments and commercial design and office renovations, Midor has done it all in Malaysia.

Every Midor client gets to experience their business mantra of “Speed, Quality, and Strength”. Midor is very passionate about delivering beautiful, creative and innovative interior design and build in a timely manner that meets budgets of all kinds. There is no project too small and no expectation too high. Here at Midor, it’s not just a business, it’s a passion.

The Midor Advantage

Interior design is more than mere fixtures and fittings assembled for visual impacts. A good interior designer should create spaces which feel comfortable for people to work around within the environment. Midor Interior is more like a team of well trained commercial interior designers and build contractors, working hand in hand around any budget to a fruitful and creative completion of your business space.

In today’s restaurant industry, many rely heavily on interior design to attract ever flowing crowds in shopping malls. The interior designing of restaurant has a dramatic impact on the type of guests that restaurants attract.

Midor holds strong foundation in restaurant renovation, keeping creative works and operation at its sweet balance. The restaurant industry has been commonly stamped with impression of being the hardest to break into, because it involves multitude of factors to achieve success.

The range of job scope is important as well. Would you prefer a simple update, or a complete overhaul to the ambiance of your restaurant? Fundamentally, the restaurant design should set a clear cuisine of what you serve seating & accommodations etc. Midor is your ideal business partner for a complete design and renovation contracting team for your restaurants.

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