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Malayan Flour Mills Berhad (MFM) is the pioneer wheat flour milling company in Malaysia. Their milling operations are located in Lumut and Pasir Gudang, with a total milling capacity of 1,950 tons of wheat per day. Aside from Malaysia, MFM also has similar operations in Vietnam. Milling more than half a million tons of wheat annually, MFM does its best to provide its customers with consistently good quality flour.

With more than 50 years in the flour milling business, MFM uses experience and expertise to aid their customers by providing high-quality flour at minimal costs. Whether a customer is running a restaurant, cafe, or eatery, MFM can recommend and mill flour according to each customer’s specific requirements. Their products are split into several distinct categories:

High Protein Wheat Flour

High Protein Flour is milled from hard grain wheat. This type of flour has a protein content of between 11-13.5%. The higher the protein content, the greater the flour’s gluten-forming potential, allowing it to produce a bread loaf with good crumb structure.

Used for: Bread, Wantan Noodles, Dried Noodles

Medium Protein Flour

Milled from a combination of soft and hard wheat, Medium Protein Flour has a protein content of between 9.5-10.5%. This variety of flour has a good balance between strength and tenderness, making it great for pastries as well as sauces.

Used For: Tarts, Biscuits, Cakes, Roti Canai

Low Protein Wheat Flour

Low Protein Flour is made from soft, lower protein meat. Because of its smaller particle sizes, this type of flour produces fine and evenly textured cakes. This type of soft flour is usually divided into two types: cake flour and biscuit flour.

Used For: Sponge Cakes, Wafers, Cookies

Self-Raising Flour

Self Raising Flour has a relatively low protein content (8.0-9.5%). This type of flour is normally blended with some type of leavening agent in order to produce good quality cakes. The leavening agent reacts in the presence of moisture and heat, producing carbon dioxide with is trapped as bubbles in order to ‘rise’ and form the cake.

Used For: Cakes

Wholemeal Flour

Wholemeal Flour is ground 100% from the entire wheat grain. This high-fiber flour is excellent for health-conscious customers due to its high nutritional value. However, due to its higher fat content, it cannot be kept for as long as white flour.

Used For: Bread, Buns, Noodles

Finding flour need not be hard…

Whether you’re running a bakery, pizzeria, or restaurant, Malaysian Flour Mills Berhad can help supply you with all the flour that you require.

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