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Launched in 2012, MAMEE Chef has redefined the landscape of instant noodles. By integrating La Mian (Mi Tarik) techniques and ground breaking innovation through a state of the art noodle production factory, MAMEE Chef wants to give people more than what they expect from instant noodles. Its noodle texture, recipe and ingredients creates a whole new standard for fans of instant noodles.

MAMEE Chef is also now an internationally recognised consumer good through its award as one of the Top 10 Instant Noodles of All Time 2014*

With rich soups, great taste and a divine aroma, MAMEE Chef is truly made like no other with the 3 available flavours, Thai Tom Yam, Curry Laksa and Spicy Chicken Shiitake.


Mamee is a Malaysian-owned brand which was first launched in 1975 in the noodle snacks category. Later, Mamee was extended to the instant noodle category. Mamee brand is currently the leading Malaysian brand for instant noodles and noodle snacks in Malaysia.

Mamee instant noodles and snacks are being exported to Australia, Angola, Bahrain, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Fiji Island, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Maldives, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Scotland, Singapore, Solomon Island, South Africa, Switzerland, UAE and UK.

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