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Lucky Frozen is a food importer and distributor that specializes in supplying Halal Beef, Lamb, Seafood, Cheese, Dairy and dry goods to food service establishments. Since their inception, Lucky Frozen has been the leading purveyor of Frozen, Chilled, and Ambient food products in Malaysia.

They have a diversified portfolio of products, along with some of renowned food brands from all across the world. Lucky Frozen consistently applies rigorous standards when it comes to sourcing their products. Their high quality meat is sourced only from trusted, fully accredited, and halal-certified suppliers. Lucky Frozen values investing in long term symbiotic relationships with their customers and suppliers, helping their customers grow their business by collaborating to bring innovative food concepts to the end consumer’s plate.


Lucky Frozen works closely with internationally recognized and halal certified suppliers to bring the highest quality beef from different countries in the world on to the consumer’s plate. Their beef is 100% natural, without any tempering or applying any tenderisation techniques as these processes will compromise the integrity, taste, and texture of the beef.


Luck Frozen’s premium lamb is all sourced exclusively from Australia and New Zealand. All-natural, grass-fed, pasture-raised, and free of artificial additives and hormones—a product from the purest and the most pristine of environments. Besides lamb, they also supply mutton, ram and goat in the form of a full carcase as well as individual cuts.

Sausages and Delicatessen

Lucky Frozen’s in-house brand, Gourmet Chef, produces natural premium sausages and delicatessen cold cuts. Gourmet Chef has established a strong and loyal following among their customers as it only uses high quality natural raw materials. Lucky Frozen’s processing plant and all Gourmet Chef products are 100% Halal compliant to the requirements of the Malaysian religious authorities.

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