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London Biscuits Berhad (LBB) was incorporated in 1981 as a confectionery manufacturer. In 1994, the company was acquired by the Liew Family which provided fresh impetus to the company’s growth. A new factory premises was purchased as its new operating premises and new production lines were installed to increase the production capacity of its existing products and to introduce new product types.

Today, LBB is major confectionery manufacturer with distribution channels in over 35 countries predominantly in the South East Asia Region & the Asia Pacific Region with over 200 individual products types.


London Roll
A deliciously soft and decadent roll. Available in a variety of flavors including chocolate, milk, strawberry, coconut pandan, blueberry, and mango.

Pie Cake
One of our best sellers, pie cake is a sponge-like cake stuffed with various delicious fillings. Available in a number of flavors such as custard cake, choco pie, strawberry pie, coconut pie, and more.

Layer Cake
A classic confectionery that’s loved by children of all ages. Available in a wide variety of flavors including chocolate, coconut, strawberry, black forest, and original.

Aside from the above, London Biscuit Berhad also offers unique treats such as the London Panda Bear with Choco Brownie and the London Panda Bear with Milk Brownie.

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