Lot 1819-1824 Jalan Kolej, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


Khee San is the largest domestic manufacturer of candy and sweets in Malaysia. With an illustrious history going back more than 50 years, Khee San has created many famous heritage products such as Fruit Plus and Torrone Barley Mint candy – instantly recognisable to many Malaysians both young and old. It is also the sole manufacturer of many different types of candies including:

Chewy Candies

Soft and sweet, the perfect snacks for chidren and adults alike.

Brands: Fruit Plus, Mint Plus, Choco Plus, Milk Plus, Snakie, Sochews, Victory

Hard Candies

A nostalgic taste for Malaysians of all ages.

Brands: Torrone, Comilk, Kiss Me, Bon Bon, Golly Pop, Nini, Fizzy, Moraine, Manda, Snackie

Deposited Candies

With a strong, almost overwhelming flavor that hits you with everything it’s got.

Brands: Victory, S’creams

Chewing Gum

A fun and popular treat for children for decades.

Brands: Victory


A light snack for those who wish to indulge without spoiling their appetites.

Brands: Lovin, Torrone, Tip-Top, Snackie


An old-school snack with an unforgettable flavor and texture.

Brands: Bento

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