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Veat – A Healthier Alternative To Meat

Pre-seasoned with a wide variety of flavors and spices, Veat takes pride in their unique blend of tastes and textures. Tastier and better than ever before, Veat is the latest generation of meat alternative products. Their products are made from soy – nature’s complete protein – allowing you to live your life to the fullest without any compromises and enjoy the same meaty texture without any of the guilt.


Satay Veaty Bites
The great taste of the original satay which has its origins from Malaysia. Makes for a great presentation on the dining table. Also an ideal party snack!

BBQ Mixed Veggie Bites
Get the great smoky taste of barbeque with the wholesome goodness of crisp garden vegetables. Chock full of carrots, corn and long beans, this is one delicious snack you can’t get enough of!

Thai Fish Cakes
Experience the authentic and exotic taste of Thai Fish Cakes with Veat. Made with traditional Thai recipes, each bite gives you a delightful burst of flavours and aromas that only real lemongrass and lime leaves can provide.

Vegetable Pakora
A traditional wholesome Indian snack, Soyeat Pakora Bites are a mouth watering combination of dhal lentils, green chilies and spices. For a winning combination anytime, serve piping hot with mint chutney dip.

Truly Friendilicious

With over 40 years of experience, Kawan supplies quality, convenient, and affordable frozen food to customers worldwide. Their quick freezing technology enables them to provide the highest level of freshness. If you require unique food items of your establishment, contact Kawan today to discuss a tailor made solution to suit your specific requirements.

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