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Whether you’re running a casual cafe or a high class restaurant, your kitchen will need plenty of ingredients in order to produce delicious food for your customers. For those interested in making traditional snacks and finger food, Kawan has plenty of good quality ingredients to make your cooking easier. These simple yet essential ingredients can help you save time, money, and effort, allowing your chefs to concentrate on making sure that each and every customer feels satisfied with their meals.


Kawan has plenty of ingredient options for chefs to make use of in the kitchen, but those who focus on Chinese cuisine may be especially interested in their Beancurd Sheets. Used in a variety of traditional dishes, Kawan’s Beancurd Sheets are great for wrapping up food and adding a nice look and texture to your dishes. Available in two varieties: Fried Beancurd Sheet and Salted Beancurd Sheet.

KG Pastry
Save time and effort with KG Pastry’s range of Spring Roll & Samosa Pastry. Coming in a variety of sizes (from 5″ to 10″ in diameter), these convenient pastry sheets let you focus on creating delicious spring rolls and samosas fillings without having to worry about the skin. KG Pastry also offers Chinese style Wantan and Dumpling Pastry – in round and square versions – for your cooking convenience.

As a well known international brand, Aman supplies only the highest quality ingredients. They offer easy and convenient Samosa Pads and Spring Roll Pastry – simply add in the fillings, wrap it up properly, and fry until golden brown to create a delicious and crunchy appetizer or snack.

Truly Friendilicious

With over 40 years of experience, Kawan supplies quality, convenient, and affordable frozen food to customers worldwide. Their quick freezing technology enables them to provide the highest level of freshness. If you require unique food items of your establishment, contact Kawan today to discuss a tailor made solution to suit your specific requirements.

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  1. Hello, I am looking for wholesale pricing for samosa pads to ship to Mexico. Please advise quantities and pricing by return. We can be reached by cellphone or on WhatsApp:
    Shiraz Omar: (1) 360-842-4754 or
    Naz Wyatt: (1) 832-602-8833.
    Thank you.

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