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When it comes to bakery products, Kawan’s brands stand out from the crowd. Rather than the standard Western breads or pastries, they focus mainly on traditional Indian dishes such as paratha, allowing their customers to quickly and easily serve up these classic favorites on a moments notice.


A well-known international household brand name, Kawan continues to supply only the highest quality traditional South Asian flatbreads and pastries. Their baking products include many traditional dishes including naan, paratha, chapatti, puff pastry, and tortilla wraps – perfect for cooking a variety of tasty and delicious meals.

Passion Bake
From legendary sandwiches to delectable pastries, Passion Bake makes for a great snack and meal anytime of the day. Their baking products are simple, yet wholesome: garlic bread, pita bread (original), and pita wholemeal. Each is delicious enough to be eaten on its own or as part of a larger meal.

Similar to Kawan, Aman is dedicated to providing the best traditional Indian flatbreads and pastries. Their products include many South Asian classics such as Amam Kerala Porotta, Flaky Paratha, and Fatira. Aside from that, Aman also offers several non-traditional products such as Puff Pastry – an authentic Halal ingredient that’s perfect for a wide variety of desserts.

Truly Friendilicious

With over 40 years of experience, Kawan supplies quality, convenient, and affordable frozen food to customers worldwide. Their quick freezing technology enables them to provide the highest level of freshness. If you require unique food items of your establishment, contact Kawan today to discuss a tailor made solution to suit your specific requirements.

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