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Kart’s is Malaysia’s leading frozen food brand specializing in authentic Malaysian ethnic food and finger-food snacks. Established in 1988, Kart’s brand is synonymous with premium quality halal “Deliciously Convenient” food.

Exporting to 15 countries, Kart’s has been awarded MITI’s industry excellence award 2004, The Brandlaureate – SME Best Brand 2007 for Asian ethnic food category and Tesco 2007 “Values Award” for Best Innovation in packaging.


Pau is a traditional Chinese dim sum that is often eaten during breakfast with Chinese tea. It is made of fermented dough in a round shape of 75mm in diameter, and comes in with a variety of fillings, the savoury and the sweet. Available pau products include Original Pau, Wholemeal Pau with Wheat Germ, and Mini Pau.

Roti Canai
Roti Canai is an Indian-influenced flatbread made of dough with egg. The special texture and good property of Roti Canai is a result of skillful flipped dough. Kart’s Roti Canai preserve the traditional of flipped skills to offer the original texture. Available products include Original Roti Canai, Roti Paratha, and Roti Booom.

Murtabak is a hearty and traditional mamak meal that is nutritious and favoured in Malaysia. The filling is made up of minced chicken cooked with egg, onions and spices to give it a distinctive aroma and lingering flavour. Kart’s Murtabak skin gives this product a crispy bite.

Kart’s Pizza is made from ingredients of the finest quality and specially selected to fulfil and surpass consumers’ expectations. The toppings has a perfect combination of more than 10 ingredients to achieve a great taste and uses 2 types of cheese, i.e cheddar and mozarella to give the right balance of cheese flavour and rich mouth feel. Kart’s Pizza is available in a range of flavors including Chicken Satay, Chicken Mushroom, Beef Supreme, and Hawaiian Chicken.

Puffy Pie
A new pastry range for bakery lovers, Kart’s Puffy Pies contain no cholesterol or trans fat while staying high in protein. Available in two flavors: Chicken Bolognese and Chicken Mushroom.

Kart’s Donuts are made from a special blend of yeast to achieve great taste and process technique to ensure soft and fluffy dough. It comes in Original flavour and Chocolate flavour.

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