J-0-6 & J-0-7, Kuchai Business Park, No.2, Jalan 1/127, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Junandus is a company that provides Gourmet Artisan chocolates, cakes, and cookies. They are the premium artisan chocolate, cake, and cookie online store in Malaysia, offering the finest desserts for those who care about quality.

Their experienced support team and technology can deliver to clients or establishments in selected locations all across Peninsular Malaysia. Junandus’ wholesome, handmade sweet delicacies are perfect for those with a sophisticated palate.

Every cake, cookie, and macaron is made of carefully selected simple yet high-quality ingredients from all across the world. Whether it is chocolates from Switzerland, vanilla beans from Madagascar, mascarpone cheese from Italy, or Alphonso mango puree from India, Junandus allows you to the taste of the world. In addition, to ensure peace of mind, all processes and ingredients are properly screened through to ensure that Junandus products do not contain any alcohol or lard.


Whether it’s the sinful chocolate cake, all-time favorite cheesecake, or the recent hit of mille crepe and red velvet cake, Junandus has got it covered. When it comes to quality, Junandus cuts no corners. For example, they use pure Mascarpone cheese to create their Tiramisu cakes instead of cream cheese like many other bakeries.

Junandus offers a wide variety of cakes suitable for any cafe or restaurant, including Designer Cakes, Flower Cakes, Mille Crepe Cakes, Sponge Cakes, Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, and even Single Sliced Cakes.

Chocolate pralines and truffles at Junandus are made using 100% couverture chocolates imported from Switzerland. Handcrafted with love and passion, each perfectly shaped chocolate is a silky, creamy, decadent treat that will catch your breath from the very first bite.

Perfect for those interested in a more intricate delicacy, Junandus offers vibrant and soft macarons with crispy surfaces and oh-so-satisfying fillings. The perfect gift for a loved one, these premium macarons come in 6 different flavors – each of them as unique and delicious as the last!

Junandus’ gourmet cookies are made according to exclusive recipes that have stood the test of time. Whether it’s butter and chocolate cookies, the best memories from childhood goodness, or the modern biscotti, they are all available as hampers, gifts, or jars.

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