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FFM Berhad (FFM) was incorporated in 1962 but started operation in 1966. PPB Group Berhad acquired FFM in 1987 to become a 50.86% listed subsidiary of PPB Group Berhad. In 2004, FFM was privatized pursuant to a members’ scheme of arrangement under Section 176 of the Companies Act 1965, making FFM a wholly-owned subsidiary of PPB.

In 2010, PGEO Group Sdn. Bhd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wilmar International Limited, subscribed for 20% equity interest in FFM, diluting PPB’s interest in FFM to 80%.

FFM commenced operation as a wheat flour miller in 1966 with a single mill having a daily wheat milling capacity of 150 mt. Involved initially only in the production of wheat flour, FFM has grown and diversified over the years. Today, the FFM Group is not only a dominant player in the Malaysian wheat flour industry, but also a regional player operating flour mills in Indonesia and Vietnam (via its subsidiaries) and in Thailand and China (via its associates). With continuing efforts to broaden its earning base, the FFM Group is now a major player in the compound animal feed manufacturing and is also involved in packaging, the marketing of consumer products, the poultry business, further food processing, frozen food business, industrial bakery and commodities trading.

The requirement for packing materials to pack wheat flour in 25kg led FFM to first invest into Tego Sdn. Bhd. in 1973. Today, Tego Sdn. Bhd. produces multi-purpose PP Bags, fabrics and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC).

FFM Berhad is the largest flour miller in Malaysia with milling complexes strategically located in Pulau Indah, Pasir Gudang, Kuching, Prai and Kota Kinabalu with a total milling capacity of 2,820 mt per day.

Overseas, FFM Group operates two flour mills with combined capacity of 1,550-mt per day in Vietnam and a 2,000-mt per day flour mill in Indonesia.

FFM Group also operates a 670-mt per day flour mill in Thailand through its 43.4% associate company, Kerry flour mills Ltd and has 20% interest in nine associates in China with a combined flour milling capacity of 12,550 mt per day.

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