Today, Jasmine Food Corporation Sdn Bhd is the leading company in the distribution and marketing of rice in Malaysia with products including fragrant rice, basmathi rice, white rice (imported and local), specialty rice, brown rice, glutinous rice and rice vermicelli distributed through a comprehensive network of dealers nationwide, including high traffic hypermarkets and supermarkets, minimarkets and sundry shops.

More than 50 years of quality rice products and services

As the leading brand in the industry, Jasmine incorporates state-of-the-art technology in their rice processing. From selection, to processing and to the market place, Jasmine rice products undergo stringent quality checks and tests to give customers the best they deserve. The latest drying, processing, destoning and colour sorting machinery are used for the highest levels of quality, hygiene and safety.

Jasmine’s mill is located in Tunjang, Alor Setar, the ‘Rice Bowl’ of Malaysia. Sitting on a 25 acre site, it was one of the earliest milling plants in the country. The comprehensive machinery available provides quick turnaround for the padi collected, meaning that rice from the mill will be sent to their customers quickly and efficiently.

Fragrant Rice
In the early 90s, Jasmine introduced Sunwhite – the first AAA quality fragrant rice – into the Malaysian market. It was an instant hit and even now is highly regarded by consumers due to its purity, taste, and fragrance.

Sunwhite is of the “Homali” rice variety and is only harvested once every year, between October and March. Apart from being used widely in restaurants, homes, it is also famously suited to one of Malaysia’s favourite food, a rice recipe that’s coupled with chicken. Many chicken rice ‘entrepreneurs’ have attested to Sunwhite’s ‘special’ taste and texture, making this rice a favourite choice.

White Rice
White rice is rice which has had the husk removed and then polished. Jasmine supplies both local and imported varieties of white rich to Malaysian consumers. Imported white rice products are marked by a blue band, while local white rice is marked with a purple band. Local white rice is further divided into the 5, 10, and 15 percent broken-rice categories to represent the quality and flavor of the rice.

Specialty Rice
Jasmine’s range of basmathi are highly sought by food connoiseurs for their taste and special features such as extra long lengths, fluffiness and aroma. These premium rice products are imported from basmathi’s place of origin in Punjab, India. Basmathi rice has a distinctive aroma and taste, which is why it is also known as “the Fragrant One” or the “Prince of Rice”.

Jasmine Rice – the healthier, tastier choice

As one of the most consumed foods in the world, rice is a staple ingredient for many kitchens. Whether you’re running a restaurant, cafe, or food stall, Jasmine’s high quality rice products offers a healthier, tastier option to serve your customers.

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