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Established in 2008, Green Planet Concept was formed to capture an increasing and vast growing recycle market in Malaysia and worldwide. They encourage businesses as well as the public in general to adopt more environmentally friendly products and habits in order to protect Mother Earth.

Green Planet Concept offers products and services that delivers comparable or superior performance, utility, or other benefits to a non-green alternative while utilizing fewer resources, contains fewer toxic materials, and/or boasts a longer lifecycle.


Stainless Steel Straw
These stainless steel reusable straws let you drink anything from juices to smoothies without creating any plastic waste that ordinary straws produce. Save turtles and other marine animals with this reusable, protable, convenient, and eco-friendly straw.

Canvas/Jute Bag
Reduce, reuse, and recycle with these stylish and environmentally friendly tote bags. These reusable bags are growing more popular due to their many advantages over ordinary plastic bags such as durability, washability, and better strength-to-weight ratio. Aside from that, these bags are made from natural materials which have lower lifetime and environmental impact compared to plastic bags.

Eco Tableware
Whether you’re talking about portable cutlery sets, lifestyle lunch boxes, or durable tumblers, Green Planet Concept offers a range of eco tableware products that are both appealing and environmentally friendly. Eco tableware is made from natural materials, meaning that they are biodegradable and compostable products that support a greener lifestyle.

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