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Founded by Mr.Vincent Lee Chee Hong in 2004, Fruitable Fresh is one of the nation’s best wholesalers. They import fruits and vegetables from all across the world, especially Europe, USA, Australia and distribute to major hypermarkets, supermarkets, wholesalers, and retailers nationwide.

As one of the most advanced and innovative fresh produce companies in Malaysia, Fruitable Fresh is always focused on excellence. They are always searching for the best quality fruits and vegetables to ensure that all their fresh produce arrives in its best form to customers. Fruitable Fresh uses MIATECH Bio Turbo technology in their cold rooms in order to eliminate ethylene gas, preventing premature ripening and decay. Not only does it remove 99.9% of bacteria and potentially harmful airborne pathogens, but MIATECH Bio Turbo causes produce to have a better appearance and stays fresh longer.

An ever popular fruit all across the world, apples can be eaten raw or used in cooking a number of desserts such as apple crumble or apple pie. Fruitables offers a number of varieties depending on the season, with apples coming in from China, Italy, USA, and New Zealand.

Ranging from sweet mandarin oranges to sour green limes, citrus fruits are usally rich in valuable Vitamin C. Some of Fruitable Fresh’s most popular citrus fruits include US Sunkist Oranges, Australian Limes, and Egyptian Val Oranges.

Pears are delicious both raw and cooked in a number of sweet and tangy dessert dishes. Some of the varieties offered on Fruitable Fresh include China Crystal Pears, Australian Nashi Pears, and Spain Candy Pears.

Exotic Fruits
While fruits such as apples and oranges are commonly found on our grocery store shelves, Fruitable Fresh also offers a wide variety of more exotic choices, including Custard Apples, Sweethead Passion Fruit, Flavorellas Apricot, and Brazillian Figs.

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