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Founded in 2014, Foodabox is Malaysia’s leading food packaging manufacturer with an eco-friendly drive. They design, produce, and deliver high-quality food packaging rated at competitive prices.

Foodabox believes that every business is unique and that no restaurant should settle for the standard and boring packaging in the market. They allow you to create your own custom food packaging that fits your brand and resonates best with your customers.

Currently, Foodabox has over 300+ customers across the country, including well known businesses such as Nyonya Colors, Chill Chill, Sushi Tei, and I Love Yoo. Since their inception, Foodabox has supported many businesses in creating a distinguished brand across the food & beverage, airlines, and hotel industry.

Food Boxes
Foodabox provides paper lunch boxes in various sizes and types. These lunch boxes are designed to keep food warm and fresh, with a PE coating that enables them to contain any dish, even saucy and gravy food. Its ergonomic design and locking system makes food transportation easy and reliable. Customized printing/OEM available upon request.

Pick your favorite from Foodabox’s wide selection of paper cups. They can supply you with a variety of sizes ranging from 1 to 20 oz, all of which can be customized. Whether your specialty is coffee, teh tarik, or milo, Foodabox can help you find the most suitable paper cups for your drinks.

Foodabox’s wide range of quality, yet affordable paper bowls ensure that you find the size which fits your needs. The PE coating prevents any leakage and allows the paper bowls to contain different types of dishes. Hence they are suitable for virtually any meals, from soup through dry noodles to ice cream. You can even request customizable printing to have your own unique design on them.

Open Packaging
Boat Trays and Wrappers are Foodabox’s most popular open food packaging products. Whether you manage a food truck, a food stall or you just wish to openly display your food creations, these sturdy and durable products will keep your food safe and prevent leakages.

Paper Bags
Choose from a wide selection of paper bags in kraft and white color and different sizes, all of which are customizable. The smaller bags can contain french fries or pastries among other foods, while the larger size paper bags are able to fit Foodabox’s small lunch boxes in them.

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