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Everbest offers a wide range of mock meat and soy-substitutes perfect for practicing vegetarians. Each of their products is made from Canadian non-GMO soybeans that ensures high quality and good nutritional value for consumers.

Everbest’s vegetarian products are made in their state-of-the-art processing plant in Penang Science Park – a 184,000 square feet plant that incorporates some of the latest and most sophisticated technologies. Everbest’s vegetarian products are in full compliance with HALAL, HACCP, ISO 22000 and GBI certifications.


Soya Bean Series
Everbest’s Soya Bean Series provides you with healthy and easy ready-to-cook food that’s perfect for vegetarians. These products are rich in soy protein and are all made from Non-GMO soybeans from Canada.

Available Soy Bean Series products include Veg. Soy Pomfret Fish, Veg. Spiced Duck , Veg. Drumstick, Chai Gor, Veg. Crispy Soya, Veg. Seaweed Fish, Veg. Yuba Fish, and Veg. 5 Spices Ball.

Yuba Series
Everbest’s Yuba Series provides high soy protein and come in fresh and fried choices. It is an excellent choice for meat alternative, providing your dishes with a great taste and texture that even meat lovers can enjoy.

Available Yuba Series products include Fresh Soy Knot, Fresh Soy Chip, Fresh Soy Sausage, and Premium Fresh Soy Stick.

Textured Protein Series
Textured Soy Protein product series focuses on the taste, nutrients and specialty in product texture. These product are high in protein, allowing vegetarians to enjoy all the taste and juiciness of meat minus the cholesterol. Satisfaction with every bite!

Available Textured Protein Series products include Veg. Layered Meat, Veg. Ku Loh Meat, Veg. Roasted Chicken, Veg. Pandan Chicken, Veg. Crispy Stick, Veg. Siew Mai, Veg. Dumpling, and Veg. Popcorn Chicken.


Everbest Soya Bean Products Sdn. Bhd. is a leading food manufacturing company specializing in soy bean based food products. Established in 1995, they strive to create the healthiest and most innovative soy bean items of the highest quality. To ensure that their customers can enjoy peace of mind, Everbest uses only top quality Canadian Non-Genetically Modified (GMO) soy beans in all of their products.

As a leading player of the industry, Everbest is constantly working to expand their boundries. With a wide distribution network spreading across Asia, they continue to develop tasty, wholesome foods that can create a better and healthier lifestyle for all their consumers.

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