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From its humble beginnings in the 90s, Everbest has grown into one of the most dynamic integrated soy bean product manufacturers in Malaysia. Their focus on traditional family values together with their “Customer Come First” philosophy has helped Everbest to produce some of the tastiest and most high quality soy bean products around.


Bean Curd Skin Series
The Bean Curd Skin is a thin handmade sheet with all the nutritious essence of soybeans, making it an ideal choice as a wrapper for an assortment of food fillings. Available products include Fried Bean Curd Sheet and Bean Curd Skin.

Ring Roll Series
The Ring Roll is a traditional food originated from Zhejiang China, purely made from bean curd skin. Ring Roll is best eaten with soup based dishes – simply dip in soup for 3 seconds and it’s done! Enjoy the soup base with the crispiness of Ring Roll; it can also be eaten with hot pot or ramen.

Tofu Series
Everbest Tofu Series uses Non-GMO soybeans from Canada. Their strong commitment to quality ingredients enables customers to enjoy the pure goodness of soya. Available Tofu Series products include Silken Tofu (Soup), Silken Tofu (Steam), Silken Tofu (Steamboat), QQ Soy Tofu, Pressed Tofu, Tau Kwa, and Egg Tofu.


Everbest Soya Bean Products Sdn. Bhd. is a leading food manufacturing company specializing in soy bean based food products. Established in 1995, they strive to create the healthiest and most innovative soy bean items of the highest quality. To ensure that their customers can enjoy peace of mind, Everbest uses only top quality Canadian Non-Genetically Modified (GMO) soy beans in all of their products.

As a leading player of the industry, Everbest is constantly working to expand their boundries. With a wide distribution network spreading across Asia, they continue to develop tasty, wholesome foods that can create a better and healthier lifestyle for all their consumers.

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