Lot 100, Jalan Industri 3/4, Rawang Integrated Industry Park, 48000 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


Cocoaland’s story began when two brothers started out as small time vendors selling deep-fried snacks and banana fritters in the Klang Valley. They were later joined by other brothers and moved upstream in their business activities in order to benefit from higher margins.

Today, Cocoaland is a respected confectionery manufacturer for a variety of Chocolate, Candy, Snack, Wafer, Cookies, Soft Drinks, Nuts, Crackers, Gummy and Jelly.


Lot 100

Lot 100 products include a wide variety of classic candies that have been beloved by children all across Malaysia for generations. Includes Lot 100 Fruity Gummy, Lot 100 Sour+ Gummy, Lot 100 Candy, Lot 100 Fizzi Sour, Lot 100 Salt Candy, Lot 100 Hayoco Sour Plus, Lot 100 Pumperz Isotonic Candy, A’Fresh Licorice Pastilles, and many more.


A delicious and affordable chocolaty treat that everyone can enjoy. Available in a number of flavors including Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Koko Jelly

Refreshingly sweet jelly products that are perfect as a quick treat. Available in a wide variety of flavors including Chocolate, Raisin Chocolate and Yoghurt Chocolate.


Rotong’s crunchy products are the perfect snack to help you get through the day. Products include Potato Stick, Rotong Cheese Ball Crackers, Rotong Cheese Wheel, and Rotong Choco Rings.

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