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An ingredient used in countless dishes, poultry is always in high demand across the country. Malaysia is mostly self-sufficient when it comes to poultry meat production, with over 81% of the local demand met by domestic farmers. Aside from chickens, poultry can also refer to the meat of other domesticated birds such as turkeys, geese, and ducks. is a Malaysian directory of the country’s leading wholesale chicken and poultry suppliers, producers, and distributors. Our list of chicken and poultry wholesalers is updated regularly to make it easier for you to discover the best supplier for your restaurant, cafe, deli, foodservice, or convenience store.

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CCK Group

CCK Group is the collective name for CCK and its subsidiaries, with the principal activities of poultry and retailing. The …

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Nutriplus’ core business involves the mass production of basic daily necessities. They are committed to providing Malaysians with top quality …

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H&T Group

H&T Group offers supreme quality, excellent value and great service in supplying to your F&B operation.We strive to offer the …


CAB Cakaran Corporation Berhad (“CAB”) is one of the largest food producers in Malaysia, and is listed on the Main …

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