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CF Uniform is a designer of fine knits and professional uniform company. Their garments are specially designed by their own in-house team in Johor before being carefully manufactured to the highest quality standards. CF Uniform was founded in 2003, and in the years since they have successfully established a reputation for good quality and satisfied customers. Their products and services have been used by restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, and many other F&B businesses.

CF Uniform was begun with the idea of letting the customer create their own style to suit the corporate identity through our versatile designs. Their designers select fabrics and yarns that are comfortable, luxurious, and beautiful. They give special treatment to fine yarns of silk, merino wool, and other fine blends. Their yarns are knitted in a particular way o achieve a good construction and drape, and a good-hand-feel. The result of this special care is a uniform that looks good and helps create a good first impression with your customers.


Having a uniform for your restaurant’s staff serves several useful purposes. Uniforms not only give your employees a sense of purpose and make them feel like part of a team but also improve customer satisfaction at the same time. Many customers will feel at ease eating in a restaurant with clear grooming and uniform standards – the uniforms not only make it easier for your customers to identify who is who but make it clear that you care about customer service and cleanliness.

Whether you’re using a toque blanche (traditional rounded chef hat), a skullcap, hair net, or even a bandana, it’s important for your kitchen staff to have some form of head gear. A chef’s hat covers up their hair, preventing it from falling into the food as it’s prepared. Aside from that, many traditional restaurants use the hat as a way for chefs to indicate their seniority – the bigger the hat and the more pleats they have, the more experienced the chef.

Apron & Towel
Though not considered a traditional part of a chef’s uniform, many chefs wear an apron in the kitchen as a way to protect against heat, flames, and stains. A high-quality chef’s apron should be made out of a heavy-duty, flame retardant material. Some chefs also prefer large pockets to enable the safe storage of essential tools they need as they cook.

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