Lot 999, Section 66, Jalan Keluli Bintawa Industrial Estate 93450 Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia


CCK Group is the collective name for CCK and its subsidiaries, with the principal activities of poultry and retailing. The businesses are carried out primarily in Sarawak, Sabah and Indonesia (Jakarta and Pontianak).

The fully integrated supply chain consists of feedmill, breeder farms, hatchery, broiler farms, layer farm, abattoir and retail stores. Our poultry abattoir is fully equipped with coldstorage facilities and full logistics set-up. The poultry division is well-equipped with the latest breeding farm technologies, computer-controlled hatching chambers and automated abattoir, capable of processing approximately 30,000 birds per day.

Our abattoir is the only poultry abattoir in Sarawak with a HACCP certification from the Malaysian Government, thus poised to supply both domestic and international consumers with good wholesome chicken meat economically. We are awarded the Certificates of Authentication Halal by the Islamic Majlis Islam Sarawak, and Veterinary Health Mark by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar (Ministry of Agriculture And Agro-Based Industry Malaysia).


Wholesale Chicken

CCK is an established poultry processing company involving in retail of fresh and frozen food. Their main products feature wholesale chicken and chicken parts such as the wing, drumsticks, breastmeat, whole leg, thigh, feet, and gizzard.

Poultry Based Products

CCK also offers other poultry based products such as chicken nugget tempura, chicken minced, chicken sausage, Tamago 8Tra egg, and more.

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