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C.I. Holdings Berhad’s and their subsidiary companies are currently involved in manufacturing and packing of all types of edible oils.


CRSB commenced its operations in March 1990. Currently the principal activities of CRSB are buying, selling, manufacturing and packing of all types of edible oils which can be further broken down into the following:

• blending and packing of vegetable-based edible oils under its house brands and/or brands carried by its customers; and

• contract blending and packing of vegetable-based edible oils for edible oil producers under the brands carried by these producers.

CRSB’s range of vegetable-based oils comprise of palm-based products such as RBD Palm Olein, RBD Palm Oil and vegetable ghee as well as other vegetable-based oils such as RBD soybean oil, RBD canola oil, RBD sunflower oil, RBD corn oil and RBD coconut oil.

CRSB largely blends and packs edible oils under the brands carried by its customers for both domestic and export (directly and via its customers) markets. A small volume of CRSB’s edible oils are marketed under its house brands : 333 Chillies, Shasa, A’Qil and Cheri~Mas.

Palmtop was incorporated in 1993 in Malaysia and since 2008, established itself as one of the leading manufacturers for edible oils in the Industry. On 15 May 2015, Palmtop had become a subsidiary of Continental Resources Sdn Bhd, effectively becoming a subsidiary of C.I. Holdings Berhad.

Palmtop has 2 manufacturing plants located strategically in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. All plants are accredited with ISO 22000 & HACCP. Palmtop receives integrated support in the form of market intelligence and distribution access from its Singapore marketing arm, Continental Palms Pte Ltd. Palmtop is honoured that many of its brands have received recognition from consumers for their quality and popularity.

Palmtop’s principal activities are selling, manufacturing and packing of edible oils which are as follows:-

1) Vegetable Cooking Oil
2) Soft Oils
3) Coconut and Popcorn Oil
4) Vegetable Ghee
5) Speciality Fats & Margarine
6) Sweetened Condensed Milk / Evaporated Milk
7) Multipurpose Soap & Soap Noodles
8) Rice – Parboiled & White Broken

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