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Bioalpha is an integrated health supplement company principally involved in agricultural, research and developments, manufacturing, sale of food and health supplement products, as an ODM, as well as under the Company’s proprietary house brands.

Our health supplement products comprise processed herbs, formulated ingredients, functional foods as well as herbal and non-herbal supplements which offer a variety of health benefits including detoxification, immune system health, blood glucose regulation and brain health, as well as beauty benefits such as weight management and anti-aging.


Raw Materials

Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelium Powder
Bioalpha uses proprietary fermentation technology to produce Cordyceps sinensis mycelium powder:
Cordyseps sinensis is a highly valued medicinal mushroom in traditional Chinese Medicine. It is also known as“dong chong xia cao” or “chong cao” for short which literally means “a wormlike plant in the winter time and becomes a genuine plant in the summer time”. The precious medicinal herb grows on the larva of caterpillars which usually found in the highlands of China, Tibet and Nepal.

Lignosus Rhinocerus Mycelium Powder
Bioalpha uses proprietary fermentation technology to produce Lignosus Rhinocerus Mycelium powder:

Lignosus Rhinocerus also known as “Tiger Milk Mushroom”, which is one of the most potent mushrooms for high medicinal value. According to indigenous folklore, the Tiger’s Milk mushroom is believed to grow whenever a drop of a tigress’ milk has fallen to the ground, hence its name. It is only found in a small geographic region encompass South China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.

Bioalpha is planting more than 20 types of different herbs at the agricultural land located in Desaru, Kota Tinggi, Johor and Pasir Raja, Dungun, Terengganu.

Below are some examples of raw material supply of medicinal herbs:

1.            Tongkat Ali [Eurycoma longifolia] 
2.            Kacip Fatimah [Labisia Pumila] 
3.            Misai Kucing [Orthosiphon stamineus]
4.            Hempedu Bumi [Andrographis paniculata]
5.            Dukung Anak [Phyllanthus niruri]
6.            Pecah Beling [Strobilanthes crispus]
7.            Kunyit [Curcuma longa]
8.            Mas Cotek [Ficus deltoidea]
9.            Roselle [Hibiscus sabdariffa]

Halal Health Supplement Formulation

Bioalpha specializes in nutraceutical products in the form of tablets, capsule, powder, tea bag, and liquid.

The Halal Health supplement formulations that we offer include:

  • Men’s health formula
  • Women’s health formula
  • Anti-aging formula
  • Immune booster formula
  • Weight loss formula
House Brand

Bioalpha’s house brand, Apotec, sells reliable, valuable, and natural products that are beneficial to health conscious customers. Available products include Chlorophyll, Apple Cider with Honey, Collagen 5500, Tongkat Ali Drink, Spirulina, and more.

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