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Bakels has been manufacturing, distributing and technically supporting high quality bakery ingredients to the global bakery market since 1904. Over 110 years of continuous research and development, innovation and investment in their people and facilities has given Bakels the reputation it has today.

Bakels manufactures and distributes over 2,000 bakery ingredients, some of which are tailor made for industrial bakeries while others are developed specifically for the craft sector.

Their customers include artisan/craft bakers, retail bakeries, and industrial bakers. Bakels goes out of their way in order to satisfy customer’s needs, fully supporting every part of the supply chain and providing technical and marketing support to help their customers sell more bakery products.

Facts and Figures

Bakels Group at a glance – a brief snapshot of how they help nurture the bakery industry worldwide.

Centers of Competence

Bakel’s Centers of Competense provide technical knowledge and production expertise to Bakels Groups worldwide. No matter where their customers are based, Bakels can call upon their Centers of Cempetence to ensure that every customer receives the very best technically supported service.

Bakels Nutribake – Sours
Based in Lucerne, Switzerland, Bakels Center of Competence for sours is commited to sharing knowledge of the fermentation process with their global colleagues and customers. Whether it’s sours from their Fermdor range or bespoke liquid or dried sours, they have the tools required to create great tasting sourdough breads.

British Bakels – Bread
Based in the United Kingdom, British Bakels has a history of developing innovative bread products. Their specialist team works with customers worldwide in both product development and production optimization, ensuring that customers both large and small can have the product knowledge required to satisfy their own customers.

Bakels Aromatic – Sponge Emulsifiers
Bakels Aromatic is home to their Center of Competence for sponge emulsifiers. Based in Sweden, this center contains an extensive range of Aromatic and Bakels ingredients that allow their customers to produce consistently high quality products, maximising production efficiency while optimizing shelf life.

Bakels Edible Oils – Oils and Fats
As the leading supplier of edible oils to New Zealand, Bakels Edible Oils (BEO) offers the Bakels Group support when it comes to processing oils and fats. BEO’s Center of Competence covers a range of oils and fats used in the food indutry – from frying oils to block shortenings and butter substitutes.

New Zealand Bakels – Pettinice and Icings
Since the 1950s, New Zealand Bakels has been a leading figure in manufacturing quality icing for cake decorations and moulding. Their specialist expertise supports the group in achieving optimal processing and packing equipment for Pettinice and icings, including bespoke colors and packing solutions.

Bakbel – Fruit Fillings and Glazes
Based in Belgium, Bakbel leads the Bakels group when it comes to premium fruit fillings and glazes. They carefully select fruits based on quality and taste, using dedicated manufacturing facilities filled with specialized processing equipment and technical knowledge to ensure that Bakels can supply customers worldwide with top quality fruit fillings and glazes.

A Name That’s Trusted Around The World
Whether you’re running a professional bakery, cozy cafe, or bustling restaurant, Bakels is the best place to go for high quality baking ingredients of all kinds.

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