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ayam A1 offers a wide range of Further Processed Products that can be served from breakfast to supper all day long.


Fix your growling stomach with a pack of ayam A1 Chicken Nuggets! These juicy and crunchy chicken nuggets makes a great snack when for an empty stomach. Don’t worry, one pack is more than enough to satisfy a large family, so savor each bite as slowly as possible.

ayam A1 Chicken Sausages and Frankfurters are a high quality assured product containing no trans-fat or MSG. These halal sausages can be prepared in a variety of ways that is great for the whole family. Available in a number of flavors including the original Frankfurter, Cocktail Sausages, Jumbo Chicken Frankfurter, Jumbo Chicken Frankfurter with Black Pepper, and Jumbo Chicken Frankfurter with Cheese.

Chicken Meat Ball
ayam A1’s Chicken Meatballs gives you the same great taste of real chickens in the form of meatballs. These low cholesterol meatballs are easy to prepare and can be added to a variety of dishes to get that delicious meaty taste.

ayam A1 Chicken Drummets are made from original chicken pieces that are coated in breadcrumbs in order to give it a nice crispy skin. These delicious treats are easy to prepare and are loved by all.

Fried Chicken
Crispy and tasty, ayam A1’s range of Fried Chicken products come in a variety of flavors that everyone is sure to love. Available flavors include Original Fried Chicken, Honey Fried Chicken, and Crispy Fried Chicken.

Burger Patty
ayam A1 offers both Chicken and Beef Burger Patties. Delicious and suitable for your whole family, these 100% Halal products help you serve up great tasting burgers quickly and conveniently.

ayam A1

ayam A1 is the largest integrated poultry producer and distributor of Halal fresh chickens, chicken parts, further processed products (chicken nuggets, frankfurter, drummets, etc) and roast chickens. Their products are widely distributed to hypermarkets, supermarkets, wholesalers distributors, food processors, restaurants, convenience stores as well as to all ayam A1 chicken shops in Malaysia.

All ayam A1 products are certified “Halal” by the Islamic Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia and bear the “Veterinary Health Mark” issued by the Department of Veterinary Services for compliance to all veterinary inspection regulations and quality requirements. In addition, our food processing system is certified by Moody International for ISO 9001:2000 and in compliance with HACCP Food Safety Standards.

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  1. Hi, I am Ling is the admin of ZIKGU, from a fast food restaurant Malaysia. May I know do you have supply the Ayam A1 Fried chicken wings? Kindly please provide the person in charge contact number and looking forward to your reply us in this week . Thank you.

  2. Assalamualaikum, saya Nik daripada Tishas Food Manufacturing. Kini kami sedang mencari pembekal sausage yang sesuai untuk produk baru kami yang masih di dalm proses RND. Harap pihak anda dapat hubungi saya untuk perbincangan lanjut.

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