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Any restaurant that offers a delivery service knows the importance of having good quality food delivery bags. A food delivery bag is a specially designed thermal bag which allows the delivery rider to safely carry the food to wherever it needs to go. These bags are water resistant, with a thermal design to maintain food at the correct temperature – both hot and cold.


65L backpack food delivery thermal bag
The 65L backpack food delivery thermal bag is made of vinyl laminated oxford nylon fabric. This delivery thermal bag is designed to carry both lunch boxes and meal packs. It is effective for improving food delivery service performance and extending the food temperature maintaining time. Aside from that, the riders use the 65L food delivery thermal bag to make sure the food is not exposed to environmental hazards such as dirty dust, bacteria, polluted air or rain.

41L Food Delivery Thermal Bag
The red colour 41L food delivery thermal bag is a backpack thermal bag for the food delivery riders to carry the food and maintain the food temperature during the time when they are traveling to the customer address. This bag can be carried with the backpack position – no need for any additional accessories to fix or hold it steady on a motorcycle.

In addition, this thermal insulated food carrier bag traps the heat inside, maintaining food temperature so that your customers can enjoy hot and tasty food no matter the time. The bag’s rectangular shape is designed to make it easier to arrange lunch boxes and meal boxes, keeping them in a stable position to avoid jostling or spillage during the delivery.

50L Food Delivery Thermal Box
The 50L food delivery thermal box is a sling carry thermal box that can be carried on the rider’s shoulder or installed on a metal rack which is fixed behind the motorcycle. This box can be used to carry both hot and cold food, with a special water-resistant thermal design to maintain food temperature for a longer time. The thermal box’s outer layer is composed of oxford fabric with a vinyl laminated layer, while the inner part is covered by aluminium foinl which reflects heat energy and prevents it from entering or leaving the box.

Additionally, the 50L food delivery thermal box can be hand-carried. This method is suitable for more delicate foods such as cakes and desserts which cannot withstand high impacts or vibrations.

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