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Aryzta is a leading international food company that specializes in offering an extensive range of sweet and savory baked goods and breads. They are a global supplier for food service operators, leading retailers, and the QSR sectors. With their huge range of breads, sweet pastries, donuts, cookies, pretzels, savory pastries, and more, Aryzta offers a world of choices for every eating occasion.

From light, flaky Danish pastries and rich, buttery croissants to traditional pretzels and stone baked loaves, Aryzta offers an extensive range of sweet and savoury baked goods and breads. They also deliver a range of convenience options, so whether your business is set up for the theatre and impulse appeal of baking in-store, or the convenience of fully-baked products, Aryzta has the solution.

American Bakery
Indulge in an irresitible array of sweet pastries, from decadent brownies and muffins to old-fashioned donuts and cookies. Aryzta’s pastries are carefully crafted to delight the palate and serve a mouthful of happiness with every bite.

Crafted with oven-fresh finesse, this collection serves a rich selection of artisanal delights. Each piece of bread, bun, and roll is mastered through generations of authentic recipes. Presenting an exquisite variety, for the perfect classic serve or specialty dish.

Nothing satisfies a craving sweeter than a fine slice of artisanal cakes and tartlets. These timeless classics are infused in charming creations to give you a taste of heavenly goodness with each spoonful.

From light and flaky Danish pastries to full on pies and quiches, Aryzta offers a delicious variety of savory baked goods. Whether you need something small to eat on the move or an indulgent in between meal snack, they can help you find the perfect treat.

Sweet Pastries
These delightfully sweet treats are perfect for any time of the day. The combination of vibrant presentation and inviting flavors are beautifully matched with fuss-free preparation.

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