Malaysian celebrity chef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob recently showed just how versatile – and delicious – dairy creams from the United Kingdom and Ireland are when he shared the various ways these creams can be used.

He talked about the delectable ways in which such creams can be used at the launch of Millac and Millac Gold, from Lakeland Dairies and made available in the Malaysian market through Pok Brothers Sdn Bhd,  after The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland’s vision in advocating the health benefits of the products for locals.

Ending the event on a high note, he also took the crowd through a stunning gastronomical experience, deconstructing a one-of-a-kind artistic Eton Mess.

The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland is an organization established to promote the consumption of United Kingdom dairy products, and advocate their health benefits.

The organisation promises to deliver products with the best quality possible. All dairy farms are registered and milk processing plants are approved by relevant enforcement authority (the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) or local Authority). Comprehensive inspection programs including milk purchasing, haulage, raw milk supply, product manufacturing and distribution are carried out on a regular basis to ensure all quality and food safety standards are met.

The weather and landscape of Northern Ireland, United Kingdom produces lush green grass and from this high-quality feed, the dairy cows are able to produce high quality nutritious dairy products.

Dairy farms in Northern Ireland,  United Kingdom are family owned, passing from one generation to the next. The milk processing facilities are mainly owned and managed by farmers’ co-operatives, extending this ownership ethos throughout the supply chain.

Some of the leading brands within the DCNI, including Millac and Millac Gold are available in up to 80 countries, and pride themselves in producing dairy-based products with utmost care. Dairy companies from the United Kingdom always set high standards and ensure that all requirements are met.

For example, some products have been present in Malaysia for many years and are used by many famous food service outlets and food manufacturers throughout Malaysia.

About Dairy Council for Northern Ireland

Located in Belfast, the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland acts on behalf of the dairy industry, promoting the natural goodness and quality of the United Kingdom milk and dairy products. Dairy Council for Northern Ireland plays an important role in convincing the public to dairy products consumption through useful information including researches, scientific experiment, seminar, and supporting campaigns. Find out more about Dairy Council for Northern Ireland at www.dairycouncil.co.uk


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