From the 3rd to the 5th of December 2019, and for the 4th edition, Business France has organized a French Pavilion on the trade show FOOD INGREDIENTS EUROPE in Paris, France. The French Pavilion, located at Hall 6, is under the branding CHOOSE FRANCE, with a surface of 354 m2 for 37 exhibitors.

FOOD INGREDIENTS EUROPE is the only truly global food and beverage ingredients event in the industry and one of the top 10 most important events in the F&B industry. This event brings together the international leaders of the sector. 21 National Pavilions and more than 1,500 exhibitors and 26,000 visitors were expected.

Food Ingredients Europe

Food Ingredients Global is significant fair trade in the food and beverage industry for professionals around the world. French exhibitors are actors of the majority of these events, eager to meet premier suppliers and buyers. Over 100 French companies will showcase their culinary products on The Food Ingredients Europe in Paris. We selected in this Press Kit the top 15 French Most Innovative companies on the exhibition, interested in being contacted by experts of the F&B industry worldwide.


Alland & Robert will showcase their new Acacia Gum for sugar reduction formulation. 

Acacia gum is a relatively known natural and vegetal additive widely used in the food and beverages industry for many different implementations. But it can also be a versatile additive for sugar-free and sugar-reduced food and drinks! Formulating sugar-free products to reach satisfactory organoleptic profile and low-calorie content involves new formulation and can be challenging. As a texturing agent bringing low viscosity, Acacia gum can be a solution. Acacia gum will indeed help to compensate the loss of volume, texture and mouthfeel in sugar- reduced products. It is also known to bring stability factors by reducing the water activity and improving the softness and mouthfeel thanks to an increase of the water retention. In addition, acacia gum can be used in combination with sweeteners. For example, the loss of creaminess and bitterness can be compensated by a mix of polyols such as sucralose and acacia gum. In addition, Acacia gum is a fiber, and due to its physical and functional properties, it is a good ingredient to enhance the fiber content of food products without compromising the appearance, texture, or flavor of the food product. Acacia gum also helps with the glycemic response of food and drinks: Studies have shown that it lowers the peak glucose response. Acacia gum benefits also can be measured in areas such as bowel function, gut health, immunity, blood glucose control and glycemix index.


Our technology allows us to replace eggs in many food current application by micro algae. Easy to use, clean label and 100% plant-based for today and tomorrow. Our patented technology could also be used in various food matrixes for designing the 2.0 plant based standard: more affordable, healthier and tastier than before.

At Algama, we are passionate about exploring algae’s untapped potential to create new technologies, ingredients and products that are always healthy, sustainable and very tasty. Not only do microalgae have unrivalled health benefits, up to 70% protein, vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids; they are also one of the most sustainable food we can find today. Microalgae are a true “superfood” and have been around for centuries, but it’s only now that, thanks to Algama’s proprietary technology and unique formulation capabilities, we can extract the full benefits they offer.


Our ingredient “Bianbel SB70” is a high protein blend designed to provide a soft texture in an enriched-protein bar dedicated to sports nutrition. This ingredient has been designed to provide an easy-to-chew final product over time by the selection of specific functional dairy proteins. It also matches the nutritional needs of sport persons at different stages of the activity (before, during sport and for recovery). The ingredient developed by Bel Industries can replace up to 100% of the dairy ingredients currently used in the market. Our ingredient reduces the firmness of the bar (major constraint in sports application) while successfully undergo extrusion or other processing steps. Because our proteins have been functionalized to develop controlled binding capacity and interface properties, the final product is homogeneous, cohesive, not sticky and doesn’t present any crumble or any other defects. It has been designed to respond to the nutritional needs of the athletes through the selection of proteins with different absorption rates (amino acid intake and release of the flow during the effort) as well as carbohydrates.


A specialist in the implementation of industrial facilities, Boccard designs, manufactures and installs production units incorporating a wide variety of processes. It is on this occasion that the optimization of the overall performance of a plant can be implemented through traceability. The TrackAdvance process management and traceability platform meets such needs. From the raw material to the finished product, it traces all the operations, ensures the genealogy and traceability of the batches to guarantee the quality of the finished product. TrackAdvance – Performance Assistance Technology is an innovative digital solution that can compile data, monitor the entire production and analyze this information to sustainably optimize industrial performance. The solution is very strongly business oriented.

Under a set of modules, TrackAdvance presents itself as an Industrial IoT platform, connected to a network of sensors, which allows to recover 3D data crossed from field, ordering and sensor. It is a web service that works in Edge computing and Paas (Platform as a service) mode. TrackAdvance platform is business-oriented, modular and includes a visualization tool for better decision support. Easy to use and access information, it improves quality control. All this ensures good traceability, analysis and performance improvement.

The Performance Process Module, for example, controls the end-of-production “push” phase and restricts dilution or loss. This module can lead to a 50% reduction in drifts in a week. Design & Build of process solutions for food & ingredients markets : dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, ice creams, infant nutrition, food ingredients and prepared food. From complete production plants projects to integration of CIPs, tanks & agitation systems, cristallize, automation and many more.


Bontoux will introduce their range of natural aromatic ingredients. Their headlines are new applications developed with their essential oils as macarons flavoured with Orris oil 8%, Bergamot Oil, Bourbon Vanilla extract 5x, Cinammon Bark oil, Ginger oil or Peppermint oil. They will also introduce their latest acquisition Guedant, who joined the Bontoux Group last year. The range of the natural extracts of Guedant completes their portfolio of products dedicated to the food industry.

Guedant will in particular show its new Citrus water soluble oils and other certified organic products during this exhibition without forgetting its leading product: the raspberry extract. Those extracts or essential oils will be available in beverages like Lemonage organic or French grenadine for the first time. The ease of use of our products and their flavouring strength and natural aromatic properties.


The company will introduce SAFFRON RESINOID upon MPG, a perfect for natural flavour, seasonings, prepared dishes. Saffron resinoid is easy to use and has a very good solubility in many applications thanks to its MPG carrier.


Looking for coconut taste with a natural flavour label? Responding to specific needs in the industry, Ennolys has developed different mixes. Our natural coconut is produced by fermentation, suitable for food. Mix Coco is a white crystal powder with an intense and unique profile.

Are you looking for a way to reduce fat and sugar while maintaining a great taste? We recommend our natural and functional Mixes.


By improving its process, Eurovanille is now able to offer a wide range of economical and organic vanilla ingredients. Our flagship product remains our Bourbon Madagascar vanilla extract. Thanks to a finely tuned balance between its aromatic profile and attractive price, its round and full flavor will bring real depth to your desserts. This extract is available in various concentrations on different carriers like alcohol and/or sugar with or without a visual marker for all industrial applications.


Fermentalg will showcase DHA ORIGINS 550, a naturally concentrated DHA oil (> 550 mg/g of DHA as FA) from microalgae strains by gentle refining process without any physical or chemical concentration steps. Fermentalg produces DHA oils, using patents protected technologies, solvent- free, allergen-free & non-GMO for functional food & dietary supplements.


Fontamore is innovating in natural & Organic Extracts for Food & Beverages (sweet & savory).

Our natural & organic extracts range (made from 100% natural ingredients) allows to enter a clear designation on the finished product and use a visual representation on the packaging of the plants/fruits used.


Kalizea has a unique extraction process. Corn oil is extracted from the heart of the corn grain, the germ, which concentrates all the plant’s nutritional elements. Thanks to its unique extraction process, this unrefined single-pressure oil has interesting organoleptic qualities. Ideal to personalize your products, it will bring to your recipe functional properties of interest as well as a subtle and gourmet touch of toasted cereals. Made from non-GMO French corn, it can be used both cold and hot.


L’Atelier Vanille is launching a steam sterilized Vanilla powder, made from whole natural Gourmet vanilla pods from Madagascar.

Our powder is made from conventional and certified vanilla pods. The steam sterilizing process (decontamination) reduces probability of contamination and allows a longer conservation. Collection of vanilla, transformation and conditioning are locally proceeded in Madagascar: incomes are fairly allocated to farmers and no intermediaries regarding the sourcing. The product is conditioned in zip doypack in order to keep the best aromas of the vanilla.


Limagrain will launch their new Toasted broken chickpea You will find taste and nutrition in this new ingredient.


Solactis produces ingredients that are genuinely active on the microbiota. It has a demonstrated activity on the microbiota.


Vinpai will be introducing its new range of salt reduction solutions for industrial food applications.

Three quarters of the sodium ingested comes from processed food. With our new range V-salt our goal is to offer solutions to reduce the amount of salt ingested to decrease and prevent diseases.

VINPAI is a world leader in functional ingredients for flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan applications. Designed for professionals of the food industry, their premix solutions allow businesses to produce locally, to verify their costs while being competitive within their national market. Thanks to their know-how, VINPAI focuses their researches on 4 essential areas: taste, color, texture and stability of the product. Its recipes can be adapted to suit the needs of their customers.

VINPAI is present on all five continents and continues to develop its influence and activity internationally by offering its customers a very high level of responsiveness, quality support and product and process innovation.

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