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At Academy of Culinary Arts Malaysia, when you enroll with us, you don’t just learn basic culinary skills. You will understand and feel the whole culinary world around you. You will observe the real meaning and understanding of different cuisines. After completing the program, you will be working as Intern or full time commi chefs at some of the great hotels and restaurants in Asia Pacific.

We Offer:

Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts (9 Months Full-Time Course)
The advanced diploma in culinary program is the most detailed program where the students actually work in different cuisine of the world. Cuisines like Classic French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Thai will be taken throughout the program to ensure that students understand cuisines and their ideology better than just few recipes. The entire program will be based on menus representing creativity, taste and presentation. Students will be encouraged to actually work like a commi chef under a careful guidance of the chefs.

Certification Program in Culinary Arts (Part Time – 12 Weekend Sessions)
The part time Certification Program in Culinary Arts focuses more on specific cuisines, with courses such as Tapas, Western Soup, Middle Eastern, and Chinese Cuisine provided over the course of 12 weekends.

24 Days Intensive
Available in two forms: Intensive Basic and Intensive Intermediate.

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